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Here's my gameplay critique video for Cluttered Mind!

I absolutely love this little game. So much gross charm and personality. I adore your art style, and this is a peak representation about what I love about it.

The game (or rather, as you say, "toy-puzzle") does a great job teaching the player how to walk through it without really getting stuck, without at all feeling hand-holdy. I have no complaints about the gameplay; it does everything it set out to.

The page text is great; gives all the info it should. I only wish the game page's theme was edited to give some colors to the page. The background 2 could be set to the same color as the monster's flesh, making it appear to encompass the entire webpage. I also wish the ability to fullscreen was toggled on within itch settings, as it always should be.

Just wonderful! As always, just brimming with personality and style!

This one is very Edmund McMillen-esque, which is awesome!


I love this game!


Thanks! Rather happy with this one, was a experiment and I think it turned-out very well.


A Beautiful Game.


I love your graphic style so much! Even if the monster looks threatening due to the sharp teeth and all the reddish flesh, it still is somehow... Sweet? I mean, look at how he nudges his own brain! D'awww... This design in combination with the not explicitly stated, but quickly discovered tasks make this puzzle game to a really nice experience! :) So I decided to recommend your game along with two others in one of our compilation articles about the Ludum Dare 42 and to show a minute of gameplay in the accompanying video. Keep it up, that was great! <3

Best wishes,