A downloadable game

MazeRace is a two player game about quickly solving small mazes. The player that solves the most mazes wins! 

Just printout the game, cut the pieces, find a friend and start competitively solving mazes!

Made for the PaperJam game jam 2017.

Install instructions

Download and print the PDF file. Instructions can be found on the paper (copy of instructions seen below) 

Name: MazeRace

Number of player: 2

Preparation: Cut out all the pieces (cut the small dotted lines). Place the icon-board in between the players (P1 & P2) and place all the maze-tiles up-side-down next to it.

Rules: Have a signal for starting the game. On start, both players start taking tiles (one at the time) from the pile. The players must solve the maze quickly and place it on their side of the icon-board on the icon that is passed over while solving the maze (only the best maze solution counts). After a player has places his tile down on the icon-board, it may NOT be moved.

Player do not need to wait for one another, it's a race to solve as many tiles as possible before the opponent. The game ends when there are no more tiles left in the pile.

After all tiles have been placed, the players double checks each other's tiles. Tiles with the correct solved-icon on the icon-board is worth 1 point, if a tile is placed incorrectly the opponent gets the point instead. The player with the most points wins.


MazeRace.pdf 1 MB