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I just did a gameplay critique video of Obey the message!

Very lovely, not a ton to say. Simple, and simplicity is often best. Really nice color palette; I just wish the game page here was themed with those colors!

Great jam game, and so awesome to see this so early in the WGJ's life cycle!


So many thanks again! Loved it. While its a short game, and also quite old-design, you make some great points! If I remember correctly the visuals where really a result on the time constraint, as I started quite late in the week with the game, but still am really happy with the result it gave.

Ya, I usually don't care to much about the surrounding area for the game as I kind of think the game is whats important in the end, but what background its pasted on, but in this care with-out the possibility to go full-screen I can really see the issue with just having a standard-white scree. Will make a greater effort on my later games to actually improve the first-time impression of the thing.


Fun game! Very challenging.   I really like the simplicity of the game.  it is pretty addictive! BTW: I noticed that sometimes "Jump to Start" doesn't always work and I have to press enter instead.


Thanks! Happy that you enjoyed it. Just tested the "Jump to start" bug, shall make a quick fix. Thanks for the heads up :)