A game for the Weekly Game Jam 91
Theme: Detective Text Adventure

Note: I am well aware that this is not so much an Adventure... or text based... or detective work, but it is what came from thinking about the theme so I'm happy enough.

Story: You are the detective of the future! A detective simulator(?), find clues and proof that the suspect is GUILTY!

Controls: Mouse Only

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsCrime, Detective, Singleplayer, strange


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Very bizarre; I love all your games that really steer into this weird off-kilter humor. Very easy and not super rewarding, but the fun is of course just reading the weird dialogue which is good enough on its own. This is not robust enough in its current form to be expanded into a full game, but I think there are definitely some great ideas and of course the art style/humor that could (and should!) be brought to some nice big published projects.

Music also served well with the off-beat mood. Just funny and great.


Funny game :)


Thanks for playing! Was for a small jam, had a blast making it, and will continue making more hopefully just as fun games :)


looks cool but i cant find 4th clue, also why is big gun not suspicious? i have only found hat , sword , a very suspicious item and few non-suspicious item : box and big gun


Thanks for giving it a go!

Ya, its a odd game, basically you play as a very incompetent detective, so some things that should be suspicious are not and so on :P It's also meant to be very easy, as I wanted character cards you could solve, but I only managed to finish one right now.

Clues can be found on the card, with the 3 interaction buttons, the one you missed was just talking to him I think.