Made for the "Summer of Fast-to-Complete Games" jam 2017! A tiny platformer game, its as simple as that. Just get to the portal and go to the next level. Try and finish as fast as you can. Just wanted to make something small.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
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Made withConstruct
Tagseasy, Puzzle-Platformer, quick


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Here's my gameplay critique video of Less then a minute!

I primarily speak on page design and fundamentals as the game is so short, but I still really adore this game. Really nice, simple, a lovely little jam game. The exact kind of game I recommend people to make. I love the animation for the little four-legged spider protagonist guy. The game is really juicy; it's a simple game, but I'm just a big fan of it.

Very nice! I really like the animation on the little spider guy. It's simple but has a lot of personality to me.


Got a time of 25.43 ^_^

It's great, fun and short.


This is great HAUO! Nice and small, works perfectly, nice challenge ramp up.