One Way Dungeon
A game for the Weekly Game Jam 92
Theme: One Direction


  • Move: WASD or Arrow-keys
  • Duck: Space-bar

A very short game(?) where you walk in a dungeon. Its really not much of a game, and more of a proof-of-concept of a very strait-forward dungeon game. I think it has potential and I will hopefully work with it more "soon".


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Watch Jam Feeback - Weekly Game Jam 91/92 | !submit !queue from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Thanks again! Always so fun to see someone live playing the game :)


Not sure if you could pick up the key (I assumed the key and the door were the end of the game, because I couldn't get my camera in a position where I could click on the key).

Really cool atmosphere. Very creepy. The restricted camera movement and such feels very claustrophobic -- I can see it being pretty scary if an enemy came up from behind you. Maybe have an about face button as well since the turn around time is pretty slow.w

Took me a second to realize that the crouch was a toggle and not a hold.

The movement felt kind of awkward -- it'd be nice if it didn't stop if you held down the button and continued to the next location without slowing down. I could see it getting annoying getting around if the game was significantly larger.