A game that plays on your expectations of game-mechanics. The world is a mish-mash of parts and ideas of what parts stuck after throwing them at the wall.

Made withUnity
Tags16-bit, Top-Down


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omg HAHAHAH this is great 10/10 would play again

Thank you for trying it out and that you enjoyed it :) Was fun to make.


this is one of the most soul crushing games ever... so thank you for making me want to smash my computor. amazing game

Thank you for playing it! Might have gotten a bit to frustrating at parts :P

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Agree with Arden, not sure if you should be ashamed or proud. Spent way to long trying to get past ending screen. 

Added one more area after that now, and a more clear "end-end" ;) Realized after you comment that it was a bit cruel not to show when the game was actually "over". Thank you for your time.


This is beautiful. I love everything about this. I'm not sure if you should be proud of yourself or ashamed, but I just cannot describe how much I appreciate that this exists.

Thank you. I'm a bit of both. There was several times I caught myself thinking "what the hell am I even doing?", but I am happy I finished it :)