Created for: Mini-jam-24
Theme: Space (+ Mouse-Only controls limitation)
Idea: It's just a top-down space-shooter.

Thoughts: I wanted to make a space-shooter, so I did. Not super happy with the result (yet), as much is missing... everything fun? Very much a WIP game. Had the goal to create a framework that I could later build on and make more of games from, really like the simplicity of a top-down space-shooter, so will spend some time updating and creating more of similar games.

Used some smaller assets from the Unity Space-Shooter tutorial (like the impact sounds), otherwise all original stuff.


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Very interesting! I love the party popper sound effect of the enemies exploding, and the conflicting art styles with the 1-bit enemies, lofi pixel art player ship, and low-poly 3D space rocks really worked for me. Also very juicy with how the health erupts out and magnetically gets sucked up by the player, I love that.


Awesome game, honestly it is very fun, and even though there isnt "much" as you say it's still great and hell...we had 1 weekend! Good Job