A small mini-golf game. No wait! i mean a Space-shooter! Wait, no! I was right, its a golf game... Or is it? There are Aliens in the game. The bad kind. Try and get that best time! Pju, Pju goes the lazer, get the hole in one!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard.

NOTE: The game does not save your progress if you turn it off.

Made for: Ludum Dare 41 (JAM)
Theme: Combine 2 Incompatible Genres

Made with: Unity, Audacity and Photoshop.
Played in: Browser (html 5)

A special thanks to:
dasPanjo - for helping me with some code and for being partly the inspiration using the golf idea!
Hail Burns - for reminding me that Ludum Dare was just around the corner!

Bugs fixed:
Starting to fly. Aliens being able to hit you twice.


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I'm not patient enough to finish this one, unfortunately.

Very neat combination of two incompatible genres, though!